Unlocking the Emerald Powers in Sonic Superstars: A Hero's Guide

  • Amelia Parker
  • Oct 27, 2023
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Unlocking the Emerald Powers in Sonic Superstars: A Hero's Guide

Everyone loves a Super Sonic experience, and that's exactly what you get with the latest game, Sonic Superstars. One of the most exciting features of this game is the "Emerald Powers" that each Chaos Emerald unlocks upon collection. These powers can dramatically change the way you interact with the world and deal with enemies or obstacles. This guide will help you unlock each of these powers, setting you up for a golden gaming session!

Finding the First Emerald: Avatar (Blue)

Finding the First Emerald Avatar (Blue)

The very first power you'll acquire is the Avatar, a power linked to the Blue Chaos Emerald. This power sends dozens of character clones sprinting across the screen, creating a defensive layer against enemies and destructible objects. Avatar can be found in Bridge Island Act 1 by going down the lowest available path, spinning through a narrow tunnel, and crossing the bridge to the right to spot the Special Stage Ring.

Dashing to the Second Emerald: Bullet (Red)

The Red Chaos Emerald grants the Bullet power, a very useful air dash that can be aimed in any direction and chained to cover considerable distances. You can obtain this power in Speed Jungle Act 1. From the starting area, use the vines to reach a vine platform. From there, take the vine rail loop to a narrow tunnel and follow it to another vine rail near a frog. You'll spot the Special Stage ring nearby.

Decoding the Third Emerald: Vision (Purple)

The third power, Vision, linked to the Purple Chaos Emerald, will let you see unseen elements in the game, like invisible platforms or objects. This illumination can be found in Sky Temple Act 1. Simply follow the lowest path, spin onto a pole via an updraft, and then move towards the platform on your right. You'll find the Special Stage ring waiting for you there.

Diving into the Fourth Emerald: Water (Cyan)

Diving into the Fourth Emerald Water (Cyan)

The Cyan Chaos Emerald houses the Water power. This power transforms your character into a water entity that can travel undisturbed through water and even swim upward waterfalls! To get this power, head to Pinball Carnival Act 1, navigate through the pinball section, use the bouncers and paddles to reach the top, go through the narrow tube, and you'll find a tube that leads right to the Special stage ring.

At the Summit of the Fifth Emerald: Ivy (Green)

Ivy, the power bestowed by the Green Chaos Emerald, allows you to grow a vine and ride it upwards. This power is hidden in Lagoon City Act 1. Just continue along the path, fully riding the water slides and using the water jets, until you reach an area with a waterfall. From here, find the balance platform, drop from it, hugging the right wall, to access a secret path leading you to the Special Stage ring.

Decoding the Last Two Emeralds: Slow (Yellow), Extra (White)

Slow and Extra powers are unlocked by the Yellow and White Chaos Emeralds, respectively. The Slow power can be obtained in Sand Sanctuary Act 1, where you need to get around some obstacles like sand falls, sawblades, and moving platforms. The Extra Power, giving each character a special attack, can be achieved in Press Factory Act 1. Head right, up and onwards, avoiding traps, moving platforms, and enemies until you find the Special Stage ring.

Super (All) – The Ultimate Prize

Super (All) – The Ultimate Prize

Finally, upon securing all the Chaos Emeralds, Super Form is unlocked, which makes your character almost invincible, with a spike in their movement speed. Use your powers wisely and enjoy the unstoppable journey in Sonic Superstars!


So, there you have it - a comprehensive guide to finding the Emerald Powers in Sonic Superstars. Each of these powers adds a new layer of enjoyment to the game, and they're all waiting for you to uncover their secrets. Happy gaming!

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