Mastering the Mysteries: Hogwarts Legacy - How to Conquer The Hall of Herodiana

  • Amelia Parker
  • May 10, 2023
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Mastering the Mysteries: Hogwarts Legacy - How to Conquer The Hall of Herodiana

Delve into the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy and uncover the secrets of Herodiana Byren's prowess in this detailed guide on how to complete The Hall of Herodiana side quest. Unlock the powerful knowledge bestowed upon this witch and conquer the trials awaiting you in the hidden chambers. Follow our step-by-step instructions, and you'll be sure to impress your fellow students and professors alike.

Step 1: Start "The Hall of Herodiana" Side Quest

Start The Hall of Herodiana Side Quest

Begin your journey by seeking out Sophronia Franklin, a curious Ravenclaw who can be found near the Charms classroom after meeting Sebastian in Feldcroft. Initiate a conversation with her to learn about the legendary witch, Herodiana Byren, and her exceptional abilities with the Depulso spell. Sophronia will then prompt you to explore a secret chamber nearby and solve a series of puzzles to claim your reward.

Step 2: Gain Access to The Hall of Herodiana

Follow the quest marker towards a chamber door, which will lead you into the hidden realm of The Hall of Herodiana. Unlock the door by casting the Depulso spell, granting you access to the trial that awaits within. Prepare yourself for a series of physics-based puzzles that will test your wit and mastery of the Depulso and Accio spells.

Step 3: Solve the First Puzzle

Solve the First Puzzle

Enter the first chamber and encounter special blocks that can be moved using the Accio and Depulso spells. Your goal is to propel these blocks towards the exit, creating a path to climb the ledge above. Use Depulso to push the blocks forward and carefully maneuver them into place. Once you've successfully scaled the ledge, claim your reward from the chest above, which contains the Herodiana's Cape cosmetic item.

Step 4: Overcome the Second Puzzle

In the second chamber, your task is to construct a stack of three blocks to reach the exit once again. Start by using Accio to pull the two blocks on the right side of the room towards the left. Next, cast Depulso to push the newly-formed stack towards the chamber's exit. Once in position, use Accio once more to bring the blocks back to the right side of the room. Climb up the blocks and access the chest containing Herodiana's Attire. While an optional chest exists in this room, the randomized rewards may not be worth the additional effort.

Step 5: Conquer the Third and Final Puzzle

Conquer the Third and Final Puzzle

The third puzzle room also contains a bonus chest, but again, the randomized nature of its contents may not warrant the extra time spent. Focus on solving the puzzle by first using Accio to pull the blocks to the right side of the room. Next, cast Depulso to push them towards the spinning sphere. Then, use Accio to position the movable blocks to the left side of the chamber and climb to the far wall.

Reset the position of the movable blocks by casting a regular spell at the spinning sphere. Use Accio to pull the blocks towards you and then Depulso to push them to the wall opposite your current location. Finally, use Accio to bring the blocks to the right, aligning them with the spinning sphere. Pull the blocks towards you once more with Accio and push them to the wall near the exit using Depulso.

Ascend the blocks to reach the final chest, which contains Herodiana's Cap—a cosmetic item that can enhance your gear's appearance. Exit the chamber and return to Sophronia Franklin. You will be given a choice to show her the outfit, keep it for yourself, or reveal it for a fee. Regardless of your decision, you'll retain the three cosmetic items and gain 180 experience points for your efforts.

Armed with the knowledge and rewards from The Hall of Herodiana, you're now one step closer to unraveling the mysteries of Hogwarts Legacy. Continue to hone your magical abilities, explore the wondrous castle, and embrace the magic within you. Success awaits those who dare to delve into the unknown.

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