How to Help TikTok Understand Your Interests

  • Ethan Turner
  • Aug 07, 2022
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How to Help TikTok Understand Your Interests

With its appearance, the TikTok platform made users disappear into their phones for hours scrolling through the app's feed. TikTok quickly gained users' attention, if only for these reasons:

  • The app's user-friendly interface;
  • Always a variety of content, as the main functionality is a recommendation feed;
  • Ease of recording and uploading videos.

TikTok users note that the selection of videos is always interesting, and a few hours of viewing can go unnoticed. It can feel like the platform follows a person and knows about their interests even better than they do. There is still some controversy about TikTok's algorithms. Users argue among themselves about what kind of action influences a video to appear more often in the comment feed. In this regard, we want to give you some tips to better shape your FYP based on your interests.


See interesting content? Don't forget to subscribe to the channel. This ensures that new videos from this channel will appear in your feed.

Watch to the End

Although it used to be denied that there's no correlation between how long you watch a video and whether it appears in your feed. That's not true. If you watch a video to the end or, even better, watch it multiple times, artificial intelligence will know you're interested and add similar videos to your recommendations. 

Mark Videos You Don’t Like

You've probably been caught at least once in a video where you're emotionally hooked at the beginning and you're forced to watch to the end. And nothing happens at the end of the video. Now you realize that this was a simple ploy to get you to fully watch the video so that your feed is replenished with similar content. If you don't want that to happen, note that you didn't like the video. 

Like and Share

A perfectly logical way to show the app that you liked the content and want to watch it again. And the creator of the video will be pleased to receive a modest acknowledgment from you. When you like a video, it goes into your library, which you can make private or public. If you repost or share the video outside of TickTock (because not all your loved ones have it), the app also recognizes this as a "cool content, show me more!" signal.


You can add videos to this section and other content components. For example, music, hashtags, and effects. If you are a content creator, this section can be a generator of ideas for your future videos. See a new trend? Add it to your favorites, so you always have relevant tools at your fingertips. If you're only looking at content, for TicToc, this kind of action will be another important criterion for shaping your feed. Especially since artificial intelligence will be able to target not only videos but the same music or hashtags. 


Social media users have a perfectly reasonable habit of commenting only on what hooks them. Or leaving comments only under their friends' posts. If you want only useful content in your comments, make a habit of leaving a comment under every video you like. 


In addition to having content appear in your feed, you can search for it yourself using hashtags or keywords. And don't be reminded. If you find something you like, give it a like.

When following these rules, don't forget that you're not just doing it for yourself. Since you're using TikTok to watch entertaining content, your activity in the form of likes and comments will let the authors know that their work was not in vain.

How often do you watch TikTok videos? Have you followed these tips before, or are you learning about some of the techniques for the first time? Share your experiences.

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