Fortnite x Star Wars Event Guide: Unlocking the Exclusive AWR Pack Back Bling

  • Amelia Parker
  • May 14, 2024
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Fortnite x Star Wars Event Guide: Unlocking the Exclusive AWR Pack Back Bling

The galaxy far, far away collides once more with Fortnite, bringing an array of Star Wars-themed challenges and rewards that will ignite the lightsaber in every player’s heart. Among these cosmic treasures is the AWR Pack back bling, a must-have for franchise fans and Fortnite collectors alike. Here's how you can claim this exclusive gear before the event concludes, making your Fortnite character ready for an adventure of intergalactic proportions.

Step 1: Prepare for Your Star Wars Journey

Prepare for Your Star Wars Journey

Before embarking on your quest, familiarize yourself with the Star Wars event's offerings. From wielding iconic weapons such as Darth Vader’s lightsaber to exploring Imperial Roadblocks, there’s an entire universe of content to immerse yourself in. Make sure your game is updated, and dive into the event's themed happenings across the island.

Step 2: The Quest for the AWR Pack

To secure the coveted AWR Pack, you’re required to complete a series of 10 Star Wars quests. These quests can be tackled in both the traditional Battle Royale mode and Creative experiences, giving you flexibility in how you approach them. Stay vigilant for the release of these quests in two parts – starting with the Luke and Chewbacca missions.

Part 1: Luke and Chewbacca Missions

  • Defeat a Stormtrooper: Show your prowess by taking down a Stormtrooper and securing their E-11 Blaster.
  • Travel Challenge: Move a distance of 1,300 meters from your starting point.
  • Top 10 Survival: Place among the top 10 surviving players in three separate matches.
  • Sharpshooting: Hit players from a distance of 50 meters or more, totaling 20 hits.
  • Imperial Weaponry Duel: Deal 327 damage to foes wielding an Imperial weapon.
  • Close Combat: Overcome adversaries using either the Wookiee Bowcaster or a melee weapon, totaling 12 eliminations.
  • Toughness Test: Withstand 300 damage from opponents in a single match without being defeated.

Step 3: Anticipation for Part Two

Anticipation for Part Two

With only eight quests available in part one, the anticipation for the second wave is palpable among players. Scheduled for release on May 7 at 9 AM ET, this will complete the set of challenges necessary for unlocking the AWR Pack. Prepare yourself by fine-tuning your skills and strategizing for the upcoming missions.

Step 4: Monitor Your Progress

Consistency is key to success. Keep a close eye on your progress in the Star Wars Quests tab, ensuring that no mission goes overlooked. Remember, the challenges need to be completed by May 14 at 9 AM ET, when the Star Wars event officially concludes.

Step 5: Claim Your AWR Pack

Once all 10 quests are bravely conquered, the AWR Pack back bling will be added to your inventory. Wear it proudly as a sign of your commitment and skill throughout the event. Not only does it serve as a stylish cosmetic, but also as a symbol of your affinity for the epic saga that is Star Wars.

Closing Thoughts: Beyond the Galaxy

Fortnite's Star Wars event, much like the franchises it brings together, is a celebration of heroism, strategy, and epic battles. While the quest for the AWR Pack might be your starting point, the event itself is a sprawling galaxy of experiences. Engage in lightsaber duels, defeat Darth Vader for top-tier loot, or simply enjoy the thematic elements scattered across the island.

Remember, the Rebel Adventure pass, with its own set of rewards and challenges, remains available until late July, providing even more opportunities for interstellar adventures.

In the spirit of the Force, may your aim be true, your strategy sound, and your will unbreakable. This Fortnite x Star Wars event is not just an opportunity to claim exclusive gear but also to make memories that transcend the game itself.

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