Unmasking the Elden Ring DLC: A Deep Dive into Shadow of the Erdtree's Intricate NPC Faces

  • Amelia Parker
  • Jun 25, 2024
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Unmasking the Elden Ring DLC: A Deep Dive into Shadow of the Erdtree's Intricate NPC Faces

It's no secret that FromSoftware's games are renowned for their intricate details and deep lore. Shadow of the Erdtree, the latest DLC for Elden Ring, continues this tradition by meticulously crafting its NPC characters right down to their facial features. Recently, dataminers like Zullie the Witch have taken it upon themselves to unmask these characters, revealing astonishing levels of detail that most players might miss. These hidden aspects give us deeper insights into the world-building and storytelling that FromSoft excels at. Earlier unmasking videos showcased the same attention to detail, proving once again that the developers leave no stone unturned.

One of the standout revelations involves Logur the Beast Claw. This NPC closely mirrors X-Men's Wolverine. From his shirtless appearance to his claw weapons, the homage is clear. But what's more intriguing is the attention to his facial features, which capture his berserker essence perfectly. Logur isn't the only NPC that astonished fans after being unmasked. Lady Leda, Freyja, Hornsent, Ansbach, Thiollier, and Moore offer equally fascinating details. For instance, Hornsent's mask, which sports protruding horns, conceals a rugged face that complements his quest's narrative. Similarly, Freyja’s scarred face, which matches her gash-filled helmet, adds layers to her character even though players never see her unmasked in the game.

As Zullie pointed out, many of these characters were designed using the same tools available in the game's character creator. This means that while they wear intricate masks and helmets, what's beneath is equally compelling. Freyja's nose scar or Hornsent's unkempt look highlight the developers' commitment to consistency. They breathe life into characters that might not even remove their masks throughout the DLC. FromSoftware’s knack for such details becomes even more evident when you consider how minor NPCs reference broader lore elements. For example, the similarities between the Dancer of Ranah and Tanith not only invite speculation but also deepen the game's storytelling.

This level of detail isn't restricted to just one or two characters. Almost every NPC has a backstory etched into their very being, showcased through their physical traits. Zullie's video meticulously uncovers these layers, allowing players to appreciate FromSoft's dedication. The journey of discovery doesn't end there. Another video by Garden of Eyes goes further by juxtaposing these unmasked NPCs with their English voice actors. It's uncanny how Ymir the Sorcerer bears a remarkable resemblance to Matthew Gravelle, who voices him. This suggests that some visual design choices may be drawn from real-life inspirations, further blurring the line between game and reality.

FromSoftware's commitment to detail, as shown in Shadow of the Erdtree, elevates their games beyond typical RPGs. Whether it's the uncanny likeness of NPCs to their voice actors or the intricate designs of their unmasked faces, the DLC showcases remarkable craftsmanship. As dataminers like Zullie and Garden of Eyes keep uncovering these hidden gems, we can expect even more revelations. This attention to detail not only enriches the gameplay but also fosters a deeper connection between players and the characters they encounter. The unmasking of these NPCs, therefore, isn't just a technical revelation; it's a testament to the unparalleled artistry that defines FromSoftware games.

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