Uncover the Mysteries of Atlas Fallen in May

  • Ethan Turner
  • Mar 01, 2023
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Uncover the Mysteries of Atlas Fallen in May

Atlas Fallen is an upcoming action RPG from Focus Entertainment and Deck13. Set in a desert wasteland, players will take on the role of humans struggling against machines from the past, with fallen gods as their main antagonists. With shape-shifting weapons and co-op play, Atlas Fallen is an epic adventure into a desolate world.

Atlas Fallen occurs in a post-apocalyptic desert setting where machines have been buried beneath the sand due to an unknown event. Players will take control of humans who must fight against these old machines while searching for answers about what happened to their world. The game promises intense battles with fierce enemies, as well as plenty of puzzle-solving and exploration opportunities throughout its vast desert landscape.

In addition to its impressive graphics and immersive environment, players can expect exciting combat scenarios thanks to shape-shifting weapons similar to Bloodborne's trick weapons system. These customizable weapons allow players to switch between two forms depending on battle situations, offering up flexibility in combat that should keep even veteran RPG fans engaged. There's also co-op play available which allows friends or strangers online to join forces against increasingly tricky enemies or bosses that would otherwise be too tough for one person alone.

Aside from all this action, though, other features make Atlas Fallen stand out from other RPGs out there today, such as character customization options like different weapon skins or armor upgrades, fully voiced dialogue sequences, plus an intriguing story with mysteries waiting around every corner for you uncover them all along your journey across this mysterious land filled with ancient secrets waiting just below the surface of the sand.


With its May 16th release date fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get excited about playing Atlas Fallen! From its unique setting – complete with forgotten gods – promising intense hack ‘n’ slash style combat scenarios, puzzles galore, and more, it looks like this game could very well turn out to be one of the standout games coming out soon!

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