Sony Reverses Helldivers 2 PSN Link Requirement After Community Backlash

  • Amelia Parker
  • May 08, 2024
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Sony Reverses Helldivers 2 PSN Link Requirement After Community Backlash

Enthusiasts of Helldivers 2 celebrate as Sony retracts its mandate for linking PSN accounts, with the head of the studio expressing admiration for the community's determination. Sony has withdrawn a policy that would have compelled Helldivers 2 gamers to connect their Steam and PlayStation Network accounts. Through an early announcement today, the official PlayStation Twitter communicated, "To the Helldivers aficionados - your opinions on the Helldivers 2 account linking update have reached us." The initial plan slated for launch today, necessitating all gamers to synchronize their accounts by May 30, has been abandoned.

Sony further mentioned, "We are on a learning curve regarding the optimal approaches for PC gamers, and your insights have been tremendously enlightening." This 'insight' likely points towards the plummeting support witnessed on Steam, coupled with significant uproar across social networks. A staggering count of over 200,000 unfavorable critiques flooded the Steam page of Helldivers 2 following Sony's announcement, potentially restricting access to the game in various regions globally where PSN is unavailable. Meanwhile, the community pondered over measures like boycotts and potential legal actions, while Steam made exceptions to its stringent two-hour refund guideline for impacted users.

In light of these events, Johan Pilstedt, CEO of Arrowhead Studios, lauded the Helldivers 2 community's resilience and collective effort on Twitter. He extended his gratitude towards PlayStation for revoking its decision, highlighting the mutual desire between the two entities to redefine the expectations for live-game dynamics and the symbiotic relationship between developers and the community. The road to redemption for Helldivers 2 will be intriguing to observe. Despite being celebrated as a breakout success earlier in the year, its acclaim took a hit recently. At present, the game's Steam ratings have settled to 'Mixed', following the expression of discontent by 278,000 players. Although the community's outlook has seen a swift positive turnaround post Sony's reversal, for some, this gesture might be perceived as inadequate or belated.

In the midst of the PSN backlash, the Helldivers 2 development team communicates a reminder to the players, "The choice was Sony's, not ours," adding, "We anticipated the arrival of this day, and the outcome is unfolding as predicted."

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