Rumour: Wesley Snipes to return as Blade in the MCU

  • Ethan Turner
  • Apr 27, 2024
  • 33
Rumour: Wesley Snipes to return as Blade in the MCU

Persistent speculation has surrounded Wesley Snipes' potential return as the iconic vampire hunter, even amidst Marvel's announcement of a reboot starring Mahershala Ali. According to insider Daniel Richtman, it's possible that Snipes has agreed to reprise his role for the upcoming Multiverse saga, potentially appearing in films such as Deadpool & Wolverine and Avengers: Secret Wars.

While this information has yet to be confirmed, the idea of Snipes returning as Blade in the Marvel Multiverse isn't completely out of the question, especially with the current trend of reintroducing actors from classic superhero films into new narratives. As such, details should be viewed cautiously until more concrete confirmation emerges. Fans of the original portrayal, however, may have a reason to stay tuned—seeing Wesley Snipes wield his sword again as Blade could be on the horizon.

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