Riding the Storm: How a Roguelike City Builder Conquered Steam

  • Ethan Turner
  • Mar 31, 2024
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Riding the Storm: How a Roguelike City Builder Conquered Steam

Defying the usual norms of long-lasting urban landscapes crafted in city-building games, 'Against the Storm' has carved out its own niche in the genre with its innovative approach. In this fantasy realm plagued by relentless magical tempests, the cities players toil to construct are ephemeral, facing inevitable destruction. This unique gameplay element has struck a chord with the gaming community, leading to an impressive milestone of one million copies sold on Steam.

The core of 'Against the Storm' lies in the challenging dance with nature's wrath and the demands of an exacting queen. It's a balancing act of resource management and strategic planning, where every settlement is a transient step towards pushing further into a relentless world. Players leading a populace of humans, lizards, or beavers must continuously adapt to survive. The game's charm and thoughtful design have garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from the Steam community, amassing rave reviews.

Eremite Games, the studio behind the title, attributes a significant share of their success to the fruitful period spent in early access. Engaging closely with players and incorporating their feedback, they've honed 'Against the Storm' into an enthralling envisionment that has captivated a vast audience. This indie studio's journey is a compelling testament to the potential of small developers in today's gaming landscape.

A flourishing community and scintillating success mean that 'Against the Storm' isn't done making waves. Eremite Games has disclosed plans for a free update, as well as a content-rich expansion later in the year. A host of new features await players, including a new species, another biome to explore, and an array of fresh buildings and events to enrich the players' experience.

Eremite Games' journey with 'Against the Storm' showcases that even in a saturated gaming market, innovation coupled with community engagement can yield triumphant results. With its precarious cities and the thrill of outlasting nature's fury, it provides a unique appeal to the city-building genre that keeps players coming back. The imminence of new content will no doubt sustain the rain-drenched momentum of this storm-conquering title.

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