Nearly a Third Of PS5 Owners are Brand New to the Platform

  • Ethan Turner
  • Feb 05, 2023
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Nearly a Third Of PS5 Owners are Brand New to the Platform

Sony's third-quarter earnings call revealed that 30% of PS5 owners have never owned a PS4 before. With the pandemic driving gaming interest worldwide and the console's hit titles such as Stray, Horizon Forbidden West, and Gran Turismo 7, Sony has seen record sales and a growing appeal for its latest console. 

The third-quarter earnings report revealed that Sony had sold over seven million PS5 units during the holiday season, reflecting an eighty-two percent rise from the previous quarter. The company's estimates also suggest that they have sold a little over thirty-two million PS5 units to date, with over twenty percent of the sales coming in the latest quarter. 

This suggests that nearly a third of PS5 owners lapse players of Sony's previous generation consoles or new players to the platform altogether. The console's hit titles, such as God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West, have certainly been major draws to the platform, as God of War Ragnarok became the fastest-selling first-party launch for PlayStation. 

Sony is now preparing to launch its PlayStation VR 2 headset next month, which could further boost the company's hardware division in the coming year. 

In conclusion, Sony's latest earnings report suggests that the PS5 is continuing to be a success, with a significant number of the console's owners being brand new to the platform. Despite the PS5's supply issues, the console's appeal doesn't seem to be diminishing anytime soon, and with the upcoming launch of the PlayStation VR 2 headset, Sony looks to have a promising start to the 2023 fiscal year.

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