Meta's Reels Bonuses Program to be Halted

  • Ethan Turner
  • Mar 17, 2023
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Meta's Reels Bonuses Program to be Halted

On March 10th, 2023, Meta announced that it will be discontinuing its program of bonuses for Reels creators on Facebook and U.S.-based creators on Instagram. This program was originally introduced in 2021 with the purpose of incentivizing content makers to create more short video content. The pause will affect all Reels creators on Facebook and those based in the U.S. on Instagram. 

Meta's bonus program was created to reward creators for creating high-quality and engaging content. Content creators were rewarded for reaching specific benchmarks, such as creating a certain number of Reels or receiving a certain number of views on their Reels. While the program was originally successful in encouraging content makers to produce more Reels, it has become increasingly difficult for Meta to sustain the bonuses. 

The decision to pause the bonus program has been met with mixed reactions. Some content creators have expressed their disappointment, as they were relying on bonuses to support their businesses. However, other creators have welcomed the news, as they argue that the bonuses had become too easy to obtain and were not providing enough incentive for creators to produce high-quality content.

Meta has not specified when the bonuses will resume, but they have stated that they are exploring other options to incentivize content creators. They are also encouraging content creators to continue to produce creative and engaging content, as this is what will ultimately bring the biggest rewards.

Meta's decision to pause its Reels bonuses program has been met with a range of reactions from content creators. While some creators are disappointed, others welcome the news and are looking forward to the possibility of other rewards. We have yet to see what other incentives Meta will offer, but it is clear that creating engaging content is the key to success. 

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