Google's Pixel Call Screening Feature Undergoes Controversial Changes

  • Amelia Parker
  • May 30, 2023
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Google's Pixel Call Screening Feature Undergoes Controversial Changes

Google Pixel users may have mixed feelings about the latest updates to the well-loved Call Screening feature. Simplifying the settings, Google's redesigned interface removes granular controls that provide users with extensive customization options. These changes could leave some users longing for the previous version, while others may appreciate the streamlined approach.

Call Screening is a popular feature that allows Pixel users to filter out spam and robocalls before answering their phones. The previous version offered granular controls for various call types, such as spam, possibly faked numbers, first-time callers, and private or hidden. Users could set their preferences for silent call declines, phone ringing, or automatic call screening and decline for robocalls.

The new interface, however, simplifies these options by providing three protection levels: Maximum, Medium, and Basic. Each level offers a different degree of protection against unknown calls. Basic protection declines call from known spam numbers, Medium rejects spam calls and screens suspicious numbers, and Maximum screens all unknown calls. While this simplification may appeal to some, others may miss the ability to fine-tune their call screening preferences.

A Reddit user has reported additional changes to the Call Screening feature, making it more interactive and human-like rather than resembling an answering machine. However, automatic call rejection for unknown numbers is no longer an option, with all unknown calls now being screened.

In conclusion, Google's Call Screening feature update may divide Pixel users. For some, the simplified menu will be a welcome change, while power users accustomed to the granular controls may feel restricted by the new interface. As the changes continue to roll out, only time will tell if the overall reception is positive or if users will demand a return to the previous version's customization options.

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