Google Transitions Play Movies & TV Content to New Platforms

  • Amelia Parker
  • Dec 13, 2023
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Google Transitions Play Movies & TV Content to New Platforms

Google is set to say farewell to its Play Movies & TV platform, but not without ensuring users' previously purchased content finds a new home for continued enjoyment. Over the past couple of years, the platform has been winding down, disappearing from smart TVs and now, it’s making its final curtain call. Google's recent announcement on the Android TV Help site indicates a phased update that will see users' content shifted to different services.

The timeline for receiving these updates may vary by country, but come January 17, Google is dedicated to relocating all purchases and current rentals from Play Movies & TV to alternative locations. Content accessibility will alter slightly, dependent on the hardware in use.

Owners of Android TVs or streaming gadgets will discover their film libraries tucked away in the “Your Library” section within the Shop tab. For those using a cable or set-top box that runs on Android TV, their collections move to a new real estate within the YouTube app. By navigating to the Movies & TV segment and clicking on the Purchased tab, all the media content will be available for viewing.

For web aficionados, the transition is just as straightforward: YouTube is the destination where they can access the Movies & TV category through their account to find their movies and shows.

While this changeover appears quite accommodating, it’s not without its limitations. Notably, the functionality to buy or rent new movies directly through YouTube has geographic constraints, as it's not a global service. A comprehensive list of eligible countries is provided on Google's Help website for clarity. Some users have already begun to notice their old movie collections appearing on YouTube, hinting that the transition could be happening ahead of schedule.

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