Fall Guys' Showbucks experience a noticeable increase Price Points

  • Ethan Turner
  • Jul 03, 2023
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Fall Guys' Showbucks experience a noticeable increase Price Points

The popular gaming title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been making headlines with its latest in-game economy update. Mediatonic, the game's developer, recently raised the cost of its premium in-game currency, Showbucks, specifically for players in the United Kingdom. 

Mediatonic announced the price adjustment in April 2022 and scheduled the price hike for July 17, 2023. The company, however, did not provide the new pricing details. The surge in prices can be attributed to Brexit-related issues that have disturbed the UK’s economic stability, causing financial fluctuations in the gaming community. Other companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, have been compelled to recalibrate their UK price structures in the past due to similar issues.

Furthermore, Mediatonic has stressed that this price adjustment will only affect UK, Canada, and Mexico players. They also mentioned that the cost of Kudos, the game's primary currency, will remain stationary. This decision will likely have an impact on the purchasing patterns of players. Showbucks' price hike directly impacts crowns, player costumes, and other exclusive content typically obtained by using this premium currency.

Mediatonic ended its announcement by expressing its gratitude towards the dedicated Fall Guys community. They emphasized their commitment to maintaining an enjoyable and sustainable fantasy world for the players. Although this price adjustment may leave some UK-based players discontented, it is necessary from the developer’s perspective. As real-world economic changes directly influence the gaming industry, keeping pricing stable across multiple regions remains challenging. A balance must be struck to cater to a global player base while adapting to fluctuating economic circumstances.

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