Battlefield 2042 Takes on Modern Warfare 3 with an Exciting Free-to-Play Weekend Spectacle

  • Ethan Turner
  • Oct 14, 2023
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Battlefield 2042 Takes on Modern Warfare 3 with an Exciting Free-to-Play Weekend Spectacle

As the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta swings into high gear this weekend, Electronic Arts (EA) also jumps into the fray with a complimentary weekend of Battlefield 2042 fun. The timing couldn't be more perfect, especially for those players seeking a fresh take on modern combat gaming.

Slightly more futuristic than its counterpart, Battlefield 2042 is set a mere two decades from today. In a surprising epiphany, this timeframe is closer to us than the launch of the original Call of Duty, making many fans feel time's relentless march. In my opinion, this comparison places the two games in closely related territories, suggesting that characters like Price and his teammates might find a comfortable home within EA's variation of this popular genre.

Another factor to mull over is the transformation of Battlefield 2042. Historically, the Battlefield franchise has lingered in the background, always a step behind Call of Duty. Even with its positive aspects, Battlefield 2042 initially struggled to emerge from this overshadowing. It upset several loyal fans by altering staple Battlefield features such as the scoreboard (which has now been reintroduced) and swapping the usual class structure with specialist roles. However, these modifications have also been reversed. There was chatter that EA might abandon the game, but instead, they chose a different path. Thanks to key updates and adjustments post-launch, Battlefield 2042 has successfully turned the tide. More than a year after its release, it seems to have finally found its footing.

Does this guarantee EA's attempt to steal the limelight from MW3's grand debut? Probably not. Even though Modern Warfare 3 may not be the highly anticipated, revolutionary successor that fans were hoping for, it continues to hold its formidable place in the series. For Activision to lose its spotlight during the traditional free beta test weekend, it would require an epic stumble. However, EA's attempt to disrupt the status quo deserves recognition.

The Battlefield 2042 complimentary weekend has started on Steam and other console platforms and will continue until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on October 16.

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